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If you would like to buy the Hygiene Hub unit without one of our packages, you may do so below. You can also order additional supplies here if you are to run out during the month.

Please Note: It is significantly better value to purchase one of our monthly subscription packages. Browse our monthly subscription packages here.

1. Choose your desired quantity of Hygiene Hub units.

$ 1150

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4. Choose your supplies.

Tip: Use the calculator on the right to help you decide how much supplies you need.

Wet Wipe Roll

Lemongrass Scented. 400 sheets per roll.

$ 40

Antibacterial Foam

Peach Scented. Rinse Free. 1 Litre Refill.

$ 25

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Supply option
Wet Wipe Roll Antibacterial Foam
Estimated Number of Daily Users
Frequency of usage*for a period of 30 days
Low (1 Use Per User, Per Day) Moderate (2 Uses Per User, Per Day) Frequent (3 Uses Per User, Per Day)
Usage period


Wet Wipe Rolls


Antibacterial Foam Refills