How much does it cost?

The Hygiene Hub unit is supplied free of charge with all supplies subscription packages. The monthly amount depends on the amount of usage per day.
Our monthly supplies subscription packages include everything you need and the supplies are delivered to your premises monthly. View our packages here.

We also offer the unit as a single, non contractual purchase. If you would like to purchase the Hygiene Hub and supplies separately, you can do so here.

What does Hygiene Hub do?

The Hygiene Hub unit is designed to automatically dispense high quality scented antibacterial foam, alongside high quality antibacterial wet wipes that are pulled from the top. The base of the unit includes a discreet waste disposal can to allow customers to easily dispose of their antibacterial wipe.

What is Hygiene Hub?

Hygiene Hub is a luxury all in one on-the-go hygiene product, designed to give consumers convenient and easy to access to hygiene 24 hours a day. The product has been designed to compliment a variety of establishments that demand the highest in standards.

Where can I get some?

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