Dispenser deals includes Mounted Dispenser only, Dispenser with Table Stand and Dispenser with Stand.

The Luxury Hygiene Solution

Our state of art Hygiene Hub Unit is the all in one elegant Hygiene Solution your establishment needs.

100% Biodegradable Wet Wipes

On-the-go wet wipes scented with lemongrass, alcohol-free and conditioned with aloe vera.

Back To Work

Hygiene solution for you, get 10% off our packages.

The Luxury

Hygiene Solution

Hygiene Hub is the luxury hygiene solution for your peace of mind. Our products are completely customisable to ensure that they look perfect in your establishment.

We not only understand the importance of having a convenient and easy way to ensure your customers & employees can stay fresh & hygienic – but also the value of this being considered in an elegant & impressive way.

Hygiene Hub in Action

Hygiene is quickly becoming more of an important and recognised necessity in daily life. Hygiene Hub gives your customers easy and quick access so that they can remain fresh & hygienic whilst on the move.

Our Hygiene Hub product delivers both high quality antibacterial foam & also scented antibacterial wipes to ensure your customers can remain hygienic whenever they please.

See our Hygiene Hub in action!


Hygiene Hub
For Everyone

The Hygiene Hub has been designed to compliment and enhance all types of businesses, public spaces & open areas. Our product provides on the go hygiene, in a luxurious and elegant way – whilst remaining both functional and easy to use.

Customise your unit to suit your business or company even more by adding your logo, or a custom vinyl wrap.

Hygiene Hub Product Range

Our premium Hygiene Hub Unit, Dispensers and Sanitisers.

Hygiene Hub Unit

Available on purchase and subscription

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Available on purchase
and subscription


Wet Wipes and Sanitisers available

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Current Promotion

Hygiene Hub Lease Package

$150/Month $100/Month

Package Includes
• Luxury Wrap
• Unlimited Stock*
• 12 Months Contract
• Deposit Required


*T&C Apply









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